The Story

1969, Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins are on Apollo 11 preparing to make their landing on the moon.  On Earth in a remote sleepy Yorkshire village there is an intriguing community. Each person has their own inner yearnings to make something of their lives despite seeming outwardly content with who they are and what they have. Starry Eyed Dreamers puts a magnifying lens not only on the night sky but on a singular set of individuals who live beneath it. As they look up and see the vast canvas of stars that appear to be looking over them they don't realise that things aren’t what they think they are. A change is making its way to Upper Dreamsdale; a change that will bring its inhabitants firmly back down to earth. Progress will soon be knocking on their doors or rather trying to force its way in uninvited. Will the inhabitants of Upper Dreamsdale realise in time that they need to face the challenge of this unexpected and earthly disruption to their way of life? Will they put personal interests aside, unite and fight back or will their way of life be destroyed forever?


The Music

Phil has gained a reputation for promulgating a unique brand of song writing which embraces traditional folk and brass band ensemble. This song writing style has been wonderfully woven into a whole portfolio of musical and theatrical events over the years. In more recent times, in collaboration with Theatre Maker Daniel Ellis and under the name of Open Road Productions, Phil has penned compositions for the musicals “Same Sky” “Silver Darling” “Grace the Lighthouse Girl” and the one man show “Free Spirit”.  Starry Eyed Dreamers combines Phil's composition style with the trademark musical stylings of the 1960s.


Cast (in order of appearance)

Narrator / Ryan Fox / Ticket Collector - Bill Varnam  

Dorris - Bethan Waites                                                         

Lilly - Emilia Owen                                        

Posty - Charlotte Howarth                                                   

Florri - Mina Holtom                                                          

Selwick - Rhodri Denton                                                       

Milko - Jack Lakin                                                                   

Jane - Jo Homer

Julie - Cat Tuckey

Wilfred - Tim Fryzer-Smith

Millie Messenger - Sarah Tyers

Cyril Snodgrass - Martin Holtom

Roger Landlett - Chris Bryan

Molly - Victoria Appleton

Dolly - Jodie Cresdee

Brenda - Sandy Lane


Production Team

Songs by Phil Baggaley   

Story & Script by Bill Varnam

Co-Directed by Beth Yearsley & Victoria Appleton

Musical Direction by Ian Blythe

Choreography by Jodie Cresdee

Stage Management by Emma Weir & Kim-Louise Sparks


Acoustic Guitar - Phil Baggaley

Electric Guitar - Rob Bullock

Bass Guitar - Ian Blythe

Drums - Paul Rowe

Trombone and Brass Arrangements - Kevin Holdgate

With thanks to The Duchess Theatre & TGR Embroidery